gemseo / algos / doe

doe_lib module

DOE library base class wrapper

class gemseo.algos.doe.doe_lib.DOELibrary[source]

Bases: gemseo.algos.driver_lib.DriverLib

Abstract class to use for DOE library link See DriverLib

Constructor Abstract class

DESIGN_ALGO_NAME = 'Design algorithm'
EVAL_JAC = 'eval_jac'
MIN_DIMS = 'min_dims'
N_PROCESSES = 'n_processes'
N_SAMPLES = 'n_samples'
SAMPLES_TAG = 'samples'
WAIT_TIME_BETWEEN_SAMPLES = 'wait_time_between_samples'
static compute_phip_criteria(samples)[source]

Compute the phi^p criteria (see Morris & Mitchell, Exploratory designs for computational experiments, 1995)


samples – design variables list

evaluate_samples(eval_jac=False, n_processes=1, wait_time_between_samples=0)[source]

Evaluates all functions of optimization problem at the samples


eval_jac – if True, the jacobian is also evaluated (Default value = False)


Export samples generated by DOE library to a csv file


doe_output_file (string) – export file name

static is_algorithm_suited(algo_dict, problem)[source]

Checks if the algorithm is suited to the problem according to its algo dict

  • algo_dict – the algorithm characteristics

  • problem – the opt_problem to be solved