gemseo / formulations

disciplinary_opt module

A formulation for uncoupled or weakly coupled problems

class gemseo.formulations.disciplinary_opt.DisciplinaryOpt(disciplines, objective_name, design_space, maximize_objective=False)[source]

Bases: gemseo.core.formulation.MDOFormulation

The disciplinary optimization formulation draws the architecture of a mono disciplinary optimization process from an ordered list of disciplines, an objective function and a design space. The objective function is minimized by default.

Constructor, initializes the objective functions and constraints

  • disciplines (list(MDODiscipline)) – the disciplines list.

  • objective_name (str) – the objective function data name.

  • design_space (DesignSpace) – the design space.

  • maximize_objective (bool) – if True, the objective function is maximized, by default, a minimization is performed.


Returns the expected data exchange sequence, used for xdsm representation


Returns the expected execution sequence, used for xdsm representation


Returns the disciplines which inputs are required to run the associated scenario By default, returns all disciplines To be overloaded by subclasses


the list of top level disciplines