gemseo / formulations

formulations_factory module

A factory to instantiate formulation from their class names

class gemseo.formulations.formulations_factory.MDOFormulationsFactory[source]

Bases: object

MDO Formulations factory to create the formulation from a name or a class.

Initializes the factory: scans the directories to search for subclasses of MDOFormulation. Searches in “GEMSEO_PATH” and gemseo.formulations

create(formulation_name, disciplines, objective_name, design_space, **options)[source]

Create a formulation from its name

  • formulation_name – the formulation name, the class name of the formulation in gemseo.formulations

  • disciplines – list of disciplines

  • objective_name – the objective function name

  • design_space – the design space

  • options – options for creation of the formulation

property formulations

Lists the available classes

:returns : the list of classes names


Checks the availability of a formulation

:param name : formulation_name of the formulation :returns: True if the formulation is available