gemseo / mlearning / qual_measure

r2_measure module

R2 error measure

The r2_measure module implements the concept of R2 measures for machine learning algorithms.

This concept is implemented through the R2Measure class and overloads the MLErrorMeasure._compute_measure() method.

The R2 is defined by

\[R_2(\hat{y}) = 1 - \frac{\sum_i (\hat{y}_i - y_i)^2} {\sum_i (y_i-\bar{y})^2},\]

where \(\hat{y}\) are the predictions, \(y\) are the data points and \(\bar{y}\) is the mean of \(y\).

class gemseo.mlearning.qual_measure.r2_measure.R2Measure(algo)[source]

Bases: gemseo.mlearning.qual_measure.error_measure.MLErrorMeasure

R2 measure for machine learning.



algo (MLAlgo) – machine learning algorithm.