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dataset_plot module

Abstract dataset plot

The dataset_plot module implements the abstract DatasetPlot class whose purpose is to build a graphical representation of a Dataset and to display it on screen or save it to a file. This abstract class has to be overloaded by concrete ones implementing at least method DatasetPlot._run().


Bases: object

Abstract plot class for dataset.



dataset (Dataset) – dataset

execute(save=True, show=False, file_path=None, extension='pdf', **plot_options)[source]

Executes the post processing

  • show (bool) – if True, displays the plot windows. Default: False.

  • save (bool) – if True, exports plot to pdf. Default: False.

  • file_path (str) – the base paths of the files to export. Default: None.

  • extension (str) – file extension. Default: ‘pdf’.

  • plot_options – options passed to the _plot() method.