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para_coord module

A parallel coordinates plot of functions and x



The ParallelCoordinates post processing builds parallel coordinates plots among design variables, outputs functions and constraints

x- and y- figure sizes can be changed in option. It is possible either to save the plot, to show the plot or both.



opt_problem – the optimization problem to run

static parallel_coordinates(y_data, x_names, color_criteria, figsize_x, figsize_y)[source]

Plots parallel coordinates

  • y_data (array) – the lines data to plot

  • x_names (list(str)) – names of the abscissa

  • color_criteria (list(float)) – the list of values of same length as y_data to colorize the lines

  • figsize_x (int) – size of figure in horizontal direction (inches)

  • figsize_y (int) – size of figure in vertical direction (inches)