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rosenbrock module

Rosenbrock dataset

This Dataset contains 100 evaluations of the well-known Rosenbrock function:


This function is known for its global minimum at point (1,1), its banana valley and the difficulty to reach its minimum.

This Dataset is based on a full-factorial design of experiments.

More information about the Rosenbrock function

class gemseo.problems.dataset.rosenbrock.RosenbrockDataset(name='Rosenbrock', by_group=True, n_samples=100, categorize=True, opt_naming=True)[source]

Bases: gemseo.core.dataset.Dataset

Rosenbrock dataset parametrization.


  • name (str) – name of the dataset.

  • by_group (bool) – if True, store the data by group. Otherwise, store them by variables. Default: True

  • n_samples (int) – number of samples

  • categorize (bool) – distinguish between the different groups of variables. Default: True.

Parma bool opt_naming

use an optimization naming. Default: True.