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discipline module

Scalable discipline

The discipline implements the concept of scalable discipline. This is a particular discipline built from a input-output learning dataset associated with a function and generalizing its behavior to a new user-defined problem dimension, that is to say new used-defined input and output dimensions.

Alone or in interaction with other objects of the same type, a scalable discipline can be used to compare the efficiency of an algorithm applying to disciplines with respect to the problem dimension, e.g. optimization algorithm, surrogate model, MDO formulation, MDA, …

The ScalableDiscipline class implements this concept. It inherits from the MDODiscipline class in such a way that it can easily be used in a Scenario. It is composed of a ScalableModel.

The user only needs to provide:

  • the name of a class overloading ScalableModel,

  • a dataset as an AbstractFullCache

  • variables sizes as a dictionary whose keys are the names of inputs and outputs and values are their new sizes. If a variable is missing, its original size is considered.

The ScalableModel parameters can also be filled in, otherwise the model uses default values.

class gemseo.problems.scalable.discipline.ScalableDiscipline(name, data, sizes=None, **parameters)[source]

Bases: gemseo.core.discipline.MDODiscipline

Scalable discipline


  • name (str) – scalable model class name.

  • data (AbstractFullCache) – learning dataset.

  • sizes (dict) – sizes of input and output variables. If None, use the original sizes. Default: None.

  • parameters – model parameters


Initialize input and output grammars from data names.


data (AbstractFullCache) – learning dataset.