gemseo / uncertainty

api module

API for uncertainty management

This API (Application Programming Interface) is dedicated to uncertainty management. Current functions are:

gemseo.uncertainty.api.create_distribution(variable, distribution_type, dimension=1, **options)[source]

Create a distribution

  • variable (str) – variable name.

  • distribution_type (str) – distribution type.

  • dimension (int) – variable dimension.

  • options – distribution options.

gemseo.uncertainty.api.create_statistics(dataset, variables_names=None, tested_distributions=None, fitting_criterion='BIC', selection_criterion='best', level=0.05, name=None)[source]


  • dataset (Dataset) – dataset

  • variables_names (list(str)) – list of variables names or list of variables names. If None, the method considers all variables from loaded dataset. Default: None.

  • tested_distributions (list(str)) – list of candidate distributions names for parametric statistics. If None, considers empirical statistics. Default: None.

  • fitting_criterion (str) – goodness-of-fit criterion for parametric statistics. Default: ‘BIC’.

  • level (float) – risk of committing a Type 1 error, that is an incorrect rejection of a true null hypothesis, for criteria based on test hypothesis in the case of parametric statistics. Default: 0.05.

  • selection_criterion (str) – selection criterion for parametric statistics. Default: ‘best’

  • name (str) – name of the object. If None, use the concatenation of class and dataset names. Default: None.


Get the available distributions.