Generate a N2 and XDSM from an Excel description of the MDO problem

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals

from os import mkdir
from os.path import exists, join

from future import standard_library

from gemseo.api import configure_logger
from gemseo.utils.study_analysis import StudyAnalysis



Describe your MDO problem in an Excel file


Visualize this study

study = StudyAnalysis("disciplines_spec.xlsx")
if not exists("outputs"):

Generate N2 chrt

study.generate_n2(file_path=join("outputs", "n2.png"), save=False, show=True)
plot study prototyping

Generate XDSM



<gemseo.core.mdo_scenario.MDOScenario object at 0x7fc2a087e130>

Visualize this study from command line

We can create the same figures using command line inputs:

gemseo-study disciplines_spec.xlsx -o outputs -s '(5,5)' -x -l


  • gemseo-study is an executable provided by GEMSEO,

  • disciplines_spec.xlsx is the Excel file path,

  • -o outputs is the output directory,

  • -s '(5,5)' is the size of the N2 chart,

  • -x is an option to create of the XDSM,

  • -l is an option to create a PDF file with the creation of the XDSM.

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