MSE example - test-train split

In this example we consider a polynomial linear regression, splitting the data into two sets. We measure the quality of the regression by comparing the predictions with the output on the test set.

from __future__ import division, unicode_literals

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from numpy import arange, argmin, hstack, linspace, sort
from numpy.random import choice, normal, seed

from gemseo.api import configure_logger, create_dataset
from gemseo.core.dataset import Dataset
from gemseo.mlearning.api import create_regression_model
from gemseo.mlearning.qual_measure.mse_measure import MSEMeasure



<RootLogger root (INFO)>

Define parameters

n_samples = 10
noise = 0.3 ** 2
max_pow = 5
amount_train = 0.8

Construct data

We construct a parabola with added noise, on the interval [0, 1].

def f(x):
    return -4 * (x - 0.5) ** 2 + 3

x = linspace(0, 1, n_samples)
y = f(x) + normal(0, noise, n_samples)

Indices for test-train split

samples = arange(n_samples)
n_train = int(amount_train * n_samples)
n_test = n_samples - n_train
train = sort(choice(samples, n_train, False))
test = sort([sample for sample in samples if sample not in train])
print("Train:", train)
print("Test:", test)


Train: [1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]
Test: [0 2]

Build datasets

data = hstack([x[:, None], y[:, None]])
variables = ["x", "y"]
groups = {"x": Dataset.INPUT_GROUP, "y": Dataset.OUTPUT_GROUP}
dataset = create_dataset("synthetic_data", data[train], variables, groups=groups)
dataset_test = create_dataset("synthetic_data", data[test], variables, groups=groups)

Build regression model

model = create_regression_model("PolynomialRegression", dataset, degree=max_pow)


PolynomialRegression(degree=5, fit_intercept=True, l2_penalty_ratio=1.0, penalty_level=0.0)
   based on the scikit-learn library
   built from 8 learning samples

Predictions errors

measure = MSEMeasure(model)

mse_train = measure.evaluate("learn")
mse_test = measure.evaluate("test", test_data=dataset_test)

print("Training error:", mse_train)
print("Test error:", mse_test)


Training error: [0.0003947]
Test error: [2.29565983]

Compute predictions

measure = MSEMeasure(model)

n_refined = 1000
x_refined = linspace(0, 1, n_refined)
y_refined = model.predict({"x": x_refined[:, None]})["y"].flatten()

Plot data points

plt.plot(x_refined, f(x_refined), label="Exact function")
plt.scatter(x, y, label="Data points")
plot mse

Plot predictions

plt.plot(x_refined, y_refined, label="Prediction (x^{})".format(max_pow))
plt.scatter(x[train], y[train], label="Train")
plt.scatter(x[test], y[test], color="r", label="Test")
plot mse

Compare different parameters

powers = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7]
test_errors = []
for power in powers:
    model = create_regression_model("PolynomialRegression", dataset, degree=power)
    measure = MSEMeasure(model)

    test_mse = measure.evaluate("test", test_data=dataset_test)
    test_errors += [test_mse]

    y_refined = model.predict({"x": x_refined[:, None]})["y"].flatten()

    plt.plot(x_refined, y_refined, label="x^{}".format(power))

plt.scatter(x[train], y[train], label="Train")
plt.scatter(x[test], y[test], color="r", label="Test")
plot mse

Grid search

print("Power for minimal test error:", argmin(test_errors))


[array([0.54513687]), array([0.00518409]), array([0.00584647]), array([0.06387849]), array([2.29565983]), array([1.16961302])]
Power for minimal test error: 1

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