gemseo / utils

matplotlib_figure module

Services for handling Matplotlib figures, e.g. save and show.


save_show_figure(fig, show, file_path[, ...])

Save or show a Matplotlib figure.

gemseo.utils.matplotlib_figure.save_show_figure(fig, show, file_path, fig_size=None)[source]

Save or show a Matplotlib figure.

  • fig (matplotlib.figure.Figure) – The Matplotlib figure to be saved or shown.

  • show (bool) – If True, display the Matplotlib figure.

  • file_path (Union[str, pathlib.Path]) – The file path to save the Matplotlib figure. If None, do not save the figure.

  • fig_size (Optional[Tuple[float, float]]) –

    The width and height of the figure in inches, e.g. (w, h). If None, use the current size of the figure.

    By default it is set to None.

Return type