Since 2021, GEMSEO is open source, under the LGPL v3 license. The project is hosted on gitlab.


Anyone can contribute to the development of GEMSEO. The types of contributions are multiple:

  • improving the documentation,

  • declaring a bug, solving a bug,

  • answering questions,

  • proposing a new algorithm,

  • suggesting a new feature,

  • etc.

In order to elicit contributions, we invite you to read the Roadmap.


You can contact the GEMSEO team at for any question related to GEMSEO.

Developer Certificate of Origin

Any contribution must be accompanied with a Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO), certifying that the contribution is compatible with GEMSEO software licence.

By signing your git commit, you agree with the Developer Certificate of Origin. To do so, please add the -s option to you git commit command. This will add the following content at the end of your commit message:

Signed-off-by: Name <email address>



A governance document will soon describe the decision making process and governance structure of GEMSEO.

Code of conduct


A code of conduct will soon be in place.


For the technical aspects, we invite you to read: Developer information.