Reorder the disciplines
Strongly coupled disciplines
Click on a group to edit its name or view its disciplines and use its checkbox to expand it or collapse it on the graph.

A multidisciplinary coupling graph is a particular N2 chart. Its diagonal elements are the disciplines. A discipline takes its inputs vertically and returns its outputs horizontally. The links between disciplines are located outside the diagonal as coloured squares. In other words, if the cell (i,j) is colored, the jth discipline takes as input some outputs of the ith discipline; we talk about bi-disciplinary coupling. The disciplines that are strongly coupled to each other are part of the same group, represented by a color whose intensity increases with the number of coupling variables.

Click on a diagonal element to get details about the corresponding discipline or group of disciplines or on a non-diagonal element to get details about the bi-disciplinary coupling variables (the variable dimensions are in parenthesis). Right click on a diagonal element to expand or collapse the related group.

A group consists of disciplines that are strongly coupled (1) to each other and weakly coupled to those in other groups, except for the first one which contains the disciplines that are only weakly (2) coupled between themselves and with others.

(1) A and B are strongly coupled if A depends on B and B depends on A.

(2) A and B are weakly coupled if either A depends on B or B depends on A, but not both.