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formulation module

The base class for all MDO formulations.

class gemseo.core.formulation.MDOFormulation(disciplines, objective_name, design_space, maximize_objective=False, grammar_type=GrammarType.JSON, **options)[source]

Bases: BaseFormulation

A base class for MDO formulations.

  • disciplines (list[MDODiscipline]) – The disciplines.

  • objective_name (str | Sequence[str]) – The name(s) of the discipline output(s) used as objective. If multiple names are passed, the objective will be a vector.

  • design_space (DesignSpace) – The design space.

  • maximize_objective (bool) –

    Whether to maximize the objective.

    By default it is set to False.

  • grammar_type (MDODiscipline.GrammarType) –

    The type of the input and output grammars.

    By default it is set to “JSONGrammar”.

  • **options (Any) – The options of the formulation.

opt_problem: OptimizationProblem

The optimization problem generated by the formulation from the disciplines.