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high_tradeoff module

High Trade-Off Points for multi-criteria decision-making.


Bases: ScatterPareto

Scatter plot with pareto front and high trade-off points.

See High Trade-Off Points `here<>`_.


opt_problem (OptimizationProblem) – The optimization problem to be post-processed.


ValueError – If the JSON grammar file for the options of the post-processor does not exist.

database: Database

The database generated by the optimization problem.

fig_name_prefix: str = 'high_tradeoff'

The figure’s name prefix.

fig_title: str = 'High Trade-Off Points'

The figure’s title.

materials_for_plotting: dict[Any, Any]

The materials to eventually rebuild the plot in another framework.

opt_problem: OptimizationProblem

The optimization problem.

prop_interest: ClassVar[dict[str, str]] = {'alpha': 1.0, 'color': 'navy', 's': 30, 'zorder': 3}

The properties for the points of interest.