gemseo / third_party / pyxdsm

XDSM module

class gemseo.third_party.pyxdsm.XDSM.XDSM[source]

Bases: object

add_input(name, label, style='DataIO', stack=False)[source]
add_output(name, label, style='DataIO', stack=False, side='left')[source]
add_process(systems, arrow=True)[source]
add_system(node_name, style, label, stack=False, faded=False, text_width=None)[source]
connect(src, target, label, style='DataInter', stack=False, faded=False)[source]
write(file_name=None, build=True, cleanup=True, quiet=False)[source]

Write output files for the XDSM diagram. This produces the following:

  • {file_name}.tikz

    A file containing the TIKZ definition of the XDSM diagram.

  • {file_name}.tex

    A standalone document wrapped around an include of the TIKZ file which can be compiled to a pdf.

  • {file_name}.pdf

    An optional compiled version of the standalone tex file.

  • file_name (str) – The prefix to be used for the output files

  • build (bool) – Flag that determines whether the standalone PDF of the XDSM will be compiled. Default is True.

  • cleanup (bool) – Flag that determines if padlatex build files will be deleted after build is complete

  • quiet (bool) – Set to True to suppress output from pdflatex.