gemseo / algos

driver_factory module

Abstract factory to create drivers.

class gemseo.algos.driver_factory.DriverFactory(driver_lib_class, driver_package)[source]

Bases: object

Base class for definition of optimization and/or DOE factory.

Automates the creation of library interfaces given a name of the algorithm.

Initializes the factory: scans the directories to search for subclasses of DriverLib.

Searches subclasses of driver_lib_class in “GEMSEO_PATH” and driver_package.


Create a driver library from an algorithm name or a library name.


name – The name of a library or algorithm.


The driver library.

execute(problem, algo_name, **options)[source]

Execute a problem with an algorithm.

  • problem – The problem to execute.

  • algo_name – The name of the algorithm.

  • **options – The options of the algorithm.


Check the availability of a library name or algorithm name.


name – The name of the library name or algorithm name.


Whether the library or algorithm is available.

property algo_names_to_libraries

The mapping from the algorithm names to the libraries.

property algorithms

The available algorithms names.

property libraries

List the available library names in the present configuration.


The names of the available libraries.