gemseo / problems / topo_opt

topopt_initialize module

Generation of the design space and disciplines of the topology optimization problems.

gemseo.problems.topo_opt.topopt_initialize.initialize_design_space_and_discipline_to(problem, n_x, n_y, e0, nu, penalty, min_member_size, vf0)[source]

Initialize design space and disciplines for 2D topology optimization problems.

  • problem (str) – The problem name, one of “MBB”, “L-Shape”, “Short_Cantilever”.

  • n_x (int) – The number of elements in the x-direction.

  • n_y (int) – The number of elements in the y-direction.

  • e0 (float) – The full material Young’s modulus.

  • nu (float) – The material Poisson’s ratio.

  • penalty (float) – The SIMP penalty coefficient.

  • min_member_size (float) – The minimum structural member size.

  • vf0 (float) – The minimum structural element dimension imposed in the topology optimization solution.


  • The design space.

  • The disciplines.

Return type

tuple[gemseo.algos.design_space.DesignSpace, list[gemseo.core.discipline.MDODiscipline]]