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variables module

Some variables of the GEMSEO-free version of the beam use case.

class gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.Variable(name, value=None)[source]

Bases: NamedTuple

A variable of the beam use case.

Create new instance of Variable(name, value)

  • name (str) –

  • value (float | None) –

name: str

The name of the variable.

value: float | None

The default value of the variable.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.E = Variable(name='E', value=73500.0)

The Young’s modulus of the material.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.F = Variable(name='F', value=-200000.0)

The load applied to a point at the tip of the beam.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.L = Variable(name='L', value=5000.0)

The length of the beam.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.alpha = Variable(name='alpha', value=0.0)

The angle between \(-\vec{e}_z\) and \(\vec{F}\) in \(xy\)-plane.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.b = Variable(name='b', value=500.0)

The width of the beam.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.beta = Variable(name='beta', value=0.0)

The angle between \(-\vec{e}_z\) and \(\vec{F}\) in \(yz\)-plane.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.dy = Variable(name='dy', value=0.0)

The \(y\)-coordinate of the point where the force is applied. = Variable(name='dz', value=0.0)

The \(z\)-coordinate of the point where the force is applied.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.h = Variable(name='h', value=800.0)

The height of the beam. = Variable(name='nu', value=0.33)

The Poisson’s ratio.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.rho = Variable(name='rho', value=2.8e-06)

The density of the material.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.sigma_all = Variable(name='sigma_all', value=300.0)

A constant used by the stress constraints.

gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.core.variables.t = Variable(name='t', value=2.5)

The thickness of the beam.