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lib_scalable module

Build a diagonal DOE for scalable model construction.

class gemseo.algos.doe.lib_scalable.DiagonalDOE[source]

Bases: DOELibrary

Class used to create a diagonal DOE.

Constructor Abstract class.

LIBRARY_NAME: ClassVar[str | None] = 'GEMSEO'

The name of the interfaced library.

algo_name: str | None

The name of the algorithm used currently.

descriptions: dict[str, AlgorithmDescription]

The description of the algorithms contained in the library.

eval_jac: bool

Whether to evaluate the Jacobian.

internal_algo_name: str | None

The internal name of the algorithm used currently.

It typically corresponds to the name of the algorithm in the wrapped library if any.

opt_grammar: JSONGrammar | None

The grammar defining the options of the current algorithm.

problem: Any | None

The problem to be solved.

samples: ndarray

The input samples with the design space variable types stored as dtype metadata.

seed: int

The seed to be used for reproducibility reasons.

This seed is initialized at 0 and each call to execute() increments it before using it.

unit_samples: ndarray

The input samples transformed in \([0,1]\).