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mdo_discipline_adapter_generator module

A class to create MDOFunction objects from an MDODiscipline.

class gemseo.core.mdofunctions.mdo_discipline_adapter_generator.MDODisciplineAdapterGenerator(discipline)[source]

Bases: object

Generator of MDOFunction objects executing a MDODiscipline.

It creates a MDODisciplineAdapter evaluating some of the outputs of the discipline from some of its

It uses closures to generate functions instances from a discipline execution.


discipline (MDODiscipline) – The discipline from which the generator builds the functions.

get_function(input_names, output_names, default_inputs=None, differentiable=True)[source]

Build a function executing a discipline for some inputs and outputs.

  • input_names (Sequence[str]) – The names of the inputs of the discipline to be inputs of the function.

  • output_names (Sequence[str]) – The names of outputs of the discipline to be returned by the function.

  • default_inputs (Mapping[str, ndarray] | None) – The default values of the inputs. If None, use the default values of the inputs specified by the discipline.

  • differentiable (bool) –

    If True, then inputs and outputs are added to the variables to be differentiated.

    By default it is set to True.


The function.


ValueError – If a given input (or output) name is not the name of an input (or output) variable of the discipline.

Return type: