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factory module

A factory to create instances of DatasetPlot.

The module factory contains the DatasetPlotFactory class which is a factory to instantiate a DatasetPlot from its class name. The class can be internal to GEMSEO or located in an external module whose path is provided to the constructor. It also provides a list of available cache types and allows you to test if a cache type is available.


Bases: BaseFactory

This factory instantiates a DatasetPlot from its class name.

Return type:


create(plot_name, dataset, **options)[source]

Create a plot for dataset.

  • plot_name (str) – The name of a plot method for dataset (its class name).

  • dataset (Dataset) – The dataset to visualize.

  • **options – The arguments to be passed to the class constructor.


A plot method built from the provided dataset.


TypeError – If the class cannot be instantiated.

Return type:


failed_imports: dict[str, str]

The class names bound to the import errors.

property plots: list[str]

The available plot methods for dataset.