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design_space module

The design space for the beam use case.

class gemseo_umdo.use_cases.beam_model.design_space.BeamDesignSpace[source]

Bases: DesignSpace

The design space for the beam use case.


name – The name to be given to the design space. If empty, the design space is unnamed.

dimension: int

The total dimension of the space, corresponding to the sum of the sizes of the variables.

name: str | None

The name of the space.

normalize: dict[str, ndarray]

The normalization policies of the variables components indexed by the variables names; if True, the component can be normalized.

variable_names: list[str]

The names of the variables.

variable_sizes: dict[str, int]

The sizes of the variables.

variable_types: dict[str, ndarray]

The types of the variables components, which can be any DesignSpace.DesignVariableType.