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simple_cache module

Caching module to store only one entry.

class gemseo.caches.simple_cache.SimpleCache(tolerance=0.0, name=None)[source]

Bases: AbstractCache

Dictionary-based cache storing a unique entry.

  • tolerance (float) –

    The tolerance below which two input arrays are considered equal: norm(new_array-cached_array)/(1+norm(cached_array)) <= tolerance. If this is the case for all the input names, then the cached output data shall be returned rather than re-evaluating the discipline. This tolerance could be useful to optimize CPU time. It could be something like 2 * numpy.finfo(float).eps.

    By default it is set to 0.0.

  • name (str | None) – A name for the cache. If None, use the class name.

cache_jacobian(input_data, jacobian_data)[source]

Cache the input and Jacobian data.

Return type:


cache_outputs(input_data, output_data)[source]

Cache input and output data.

  • input_data (Mapping[str, Any]) – The data containing the input data to cache.

  • output_data (Mapping[str, Any]) – The data containing the output data to cache.

Return type:



Clear the cache.

Return type:


property last_entry: CacheEntry

The last cache entry.

name: str

The name of the cache.

tolerance: float

The tolerance below which two input arrays are considered equal.

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