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correlations module

Correlations in the optimization database.


Bases: OptPostProcessor

Scatter plots of the correlated variables.

These variables can be design variables, constraints, objective or observables. This post-processor considers all the correlations greater than a threshold.


opt_problem (OptimizationProblem) – The optimization problem to be post-processed.


ValueError – If the JSON grammar file for the options of the post-processor does not exist.

static func_order(func_names, x)[source]

Key function to sort function components.

  • func_names (Sequence[str]) – The functions names in the required order.

  • x (str) – An element from a list.


The index to be given to the sort method and the function name associated to that index.

Return type:

tuple[int, str]

DEFAULT_FIG_SIZE = (15.0, 10.0)

The default width and height of the figure, in inches.


The maximum correlation coefficient above which the variable is not plotted.

database: Database

The database generated by the optimization problem.

materials_for_plotting: dict[Any, Any]

The materials to eventually rebuild the plot in another framework.

opt_problem: OptimizationProblem

The optimization problem.