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me_measure module

The maximum error measure to measure the quality of a regression algorithm.

The maximum error (ME) is defined by

\[\operatorname{ME}(\hat{y})=\max_{1\leq i \leq n}\|\hat{y}_i-y_i\|,\]

where \(\hat{y}\) are the predictions and \(y\) are the data points.

class gemseo_mlearning.quality_measures.me_measure.MEMeasure(algo, fit_transformers=False)[source]

Bases: MLErrorMeasure

The maximum error measure for machine learning.

  • algo (MLRegressionAlgo) – A machine learning algorithm for supervised learning.

  • fit_transformers (bool) –

    Whether to re-fit the transformers when using resampling techniques. If False, use the transformers of the algorithm fitted from the whole learning dataset.

    By default it is set to False.

algo: MLAlgo

The machine learning algorithm usually trained.