K nearest neighbors classification

We want to classify the Iris dataset using a KNN classifier.

from __future__ import annotations

from gemseo import configure_logger
from gemseo import create_benchmark_dataset
from gemseo.mlearning import create_classification_model
from numpy import array

<RootLogger root (INFO)>

Load Iris dataset

iris = create_benchmark_dataset("IrisDataset", as_io=True)

Create the classification model

Then, we build the linear regression model from the discipline cache and displays this model.

model = create_classification_model("KNNClassifier", data=iris)
  • based on the scikit-learn library
  • built from 150 learning samples

Predict output

Once it is built, we can use it for prediction.

input_value = {
    "sepal_length": array([4.5]),
    "sepal_width": array([3.0]),
    "petal_length": array([1.0]),
    "petal_width": array([0.2]),
output_value = model.predict(input_value)
{'specy': array([0])}

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