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linear_solvers_factory module

A factory to instantiate linear solvers from their class names.

class gemseo.algos.linear_solvers.linear_solvers_factory.LinearSolversFactory(use_cache=False)[source]

Bases: BaseAlgoFactory

MDA factory to create the MDA from a name or a class.


use_cache (bool) –

Whether to cache the created objects.

By default it is set to False.

execute(problem, algo_name, **options)[source]

Execute a problem with an algorithm.

  • problem (LinearProblem) – The problem to execute.

  • algo_name (str) – The name of the algorithm.

  • **options (Any) – The options of the algorithm.


The optimization result.

Return type:


property linear_solvers: list[str]

The names of the available classes.