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ode_result module

Result of an ODE problem.

class gemseo.algos.ode.ode_result.ODEResult(time_vector, state_vector, n_func_evaluations, n_jac_evaluations, solver_message, is_converged, solver_options, solver_name)[source]

Bases: object

The result of an ODE problem.

is_converged: bool

Whether the algorithm has converged.

n_func_evaluations: int

The number of evaluations of the right-hand side.

n_jac_evaluations: int

The number of evaluations of the Jacobian of the right-hand side.

solver_message: str

The solver’s termination message.

solver_name: str

The name of the solver.

solver_options: dict[str, Any]

The options passed to the solver.

state_vector: ndarray[Any, dtype[float]]

The vector of states for the solution.

This array contains one state for each time. As such, it has one line per dimension to the state of the problem, and one column per time contained in the time vector.

time_vector: ndarray[Any, dtype[float]]

The vector of times for the solution.