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derivation_modes module

Derivation modes for the GEMSEO processes.

class gemseo.core.derivatives.derivation_modes.DerivationMode(value)[source]

Bases: StrEnum

The derivation modes.

ADJOINT = 'adjoint'

The adjoint resolution mode for MDAs, solves one system per output.

AUTO = 'auto'

Automatic switch between direct, reverse or adjoint depending on data sizes.

DIRECT = 'direct'

The direct Jacobian accumulation, chain rule from inputs to outputs, or derivation of an MDA that solves one system per input.

REVERSE = 'reverse'

The reverse Jacobian accumulation, chain rule from outputs to inputs.

Examples using DerivationMode

Application: Sobieski’s Super-Sonic Business Jet (MDO)

Application: Sobieski's Super-Sonic Business Jet (MDO)