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jameson module

A 1D Jameson sensor.

class gemseo.mlearning.transformers.sensor.jameson.JamesonSensor(name='JamesonSensor', threshold=0.3, removing_part=0.01, dimension=1)[source]

Bases: Transformer

A 1D Jameson Sensor.

  • name (str) –

    A name for this transformer.

    By default it is set to “JamesonSensor”.

  • threshold (float) –

    The value to add to the denominator to avoid zero division.

    By default it is set to 0.3.

  • removing_part (float) –

    The level of the signal to remove in order to avoid leading and trailing edge effects.

    By default it is set to 0.01.

  • dimension (int) –

    The dimension of the mesh.

    By default it is set to 1.

transform(data, *args, **kwargs)

Force a NumPy array to be 2D and evaluate the function f with it.

  • data (ndarray) – A 1D or 2D NumPy array.

  • *args (Any) – The description is missing.

  • **kwargs (Any) – The description is missing.


Any kind of output; if a NumPy array, its dimension is made consistent with the shape of data.

Return type:


name: str

The name of the transformer.