gemseo / algos / opt / augmented_lagrangian

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order_0 module

Augmented Lagrangian of order 0.

class gemseo.algos.opt.augmented_lagrangian.order_0.AugmentedLagrangianOrder0[source]

Bases: AugmentedLagrangianPenaltyHeuristic

An augmented Lagrangian algorithm of order 0.

The Lagrange multipliers are updated thanks to the constraint values solely (no gradient used).


The missing current values of the DesignSpace attached to the OptimizationProblem are automatically initialized with the method DesignSpace.initialize_missing_current_values().

algo_name: str | None

The name of the algorithm used currently.

descriptions: dict[str, AlgorithmDescription]

The description of the algorithms contained in the library.

internal_algo_name: str | None

The internal name of the algorithm used currently.

It typically corresponds to the name of the algorithm in the wrapped library if any.

opt_grammar: JSONGrammar | None

The grammar defining the options of the current algorithm.

problem: OptimizationProblem

The optimization problem the driver library is bonded to.