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mdo_discipline_adapter module

A function computing some outputs of a discipline from some of its inputs.

class gemseo.core.mdofunctions.mdo_discipline_adapter.MDODisciplineAdapter(input_names, output_names, default_inputs, discipline, names_to_sizes=None, linear_candidate=False)[source]

Bases: LinearCandidateFunction

An MDOFunction executing a discipline for some inputs and outputs.

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

  • input_names (Sequence[str]) – The names of the inputs.

  • output_names (Sequence[str]) – The names of the outputs.

  • default_inputs (Mapping[str, ndarray] | None) – The default input values to overload the ones of the discipline at each evaluation of the outputs with _fun() or their derivatives with _jac(). If None, do not overload them.

  • discipline (MDODiscipline) – The discipline to be adapted.

  • names_to_sizes (MutableMapping[str, int] | None) – The sizes of the input variables. If None, determine them from the default inputs and local data of the discipline MDODiscipline.

  • linear_candidate (bool) –

    Whether the final MDOFunction could be linear.

    By default it is set to False.

force_real: bool

Whether to cast the results to real value.

has_default_name: bool

Whether the name has been set with a default value.

property input_dimension: int | None

The input variable dimension, needed for linear candidates.

If None this cannot be determined nor by MDODiscipline default inputs nor by MDODisciplineAdapter.__input_names_to_sizes.

last_eval: OutputType | None

The value of the function output at the last evaluation.

None if it has not yet been evaluated.

property linear_candidate: bool

Whether the final MDOFunction could be linear.

special_repr: str

The string representation of the function overloading its default string ones.