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scenario_result module

Scenario result.

class gemseo.scenarios.scenario_results.scenario_result.ScenarioResult(scenario)[source]

Bases: object

The result of a Scenario.


scenario (Scenario | str | Path) – The scenario to post-process or the path to its HDF5 file.


ValueError – When the scenario has not yet been executed.

plot(name, **options)[source]

Visualize the result.

  • name (str) – The name of the post-processing.

  • **options (Any) – The options of the post-processing.


The post-processing of the result.

Return type:


class property POST_FACTORY: PostFactory

The factory of post-processors.

design_variable_names_to_values: dict[str, ndarray]

The design variable names bound to the optimal values.

optimization_problems_to_results: dict[str, OptimizationResult]

The optimization results associated with the different optimization problems.

property optimization_result: OptimizationResult

The optimization result of the main optimization problem.

For some scenarios, such as those based on multi-level formulations, there are several optimization problems including a main one. The current optimization result corresponds to this main optimization problem.

For scenarios with a single optimization problem, the current optimization result corresponds to this unique optimization problem.