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factory module

Module containing a factory to create an instance of OTDistribution.

class gemseo.uncertainty.distributions.openturns.factory.OTDistributionFactory[source]

Bases: DistributionFactory

Factory to create a OTDistribution from its class name.


>>> from gemseo.uncertainty.distributions.factory import DistributionFactory
>>> factory = DistributionFactory()
>>> factory.is_available("OTNormalDistribution")
>>> factory.available_distributions[-3:]
['SPNormalDistribution', 'SPTriangularDistribution', 'SPUniformDistribution']
>>> distribution = factory.create("OTNormalDistribution", "x")
>>> print(distribution)
Normal(mu=0.0, sigma=1.0)
Return type:


failed_imports: dict[str, str]

The class names bound to the import errors.