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moe_data_formatters module

Data formatters for mixture of experts.

class gemseo.mlearning.data_formatters.moe_data_formatters.MOEDataFormatters[source]

Bases: RegressionDataFormatters

Data formatters for mixture of experts.

classmethod format_predict_class_dict(func)[source]

Make an array-based function be called with a dictionary of NumPy arrays.


func (Callable[[MOERegressor, ndarray, Any, ...], ndarray]) – The function to be called; it takes a NumPy array in input and returns a NumPy array.


A function making a function work with either a NumPy data array or a dictionary of NumPy data arrays indexed by variables names. The evaluation will have the same type as the input data.

Return type:

Callable[[MOERegressor, DataType, Any, …], DataType]