gemseo / algos / sequence_transformer


The sub-package for acceleration methods.

class gemseo.algos.sequence_transformer.acceleration.AccelerationMethod(value)[source]

Bases: PascalCaseStrEnum

The acceleration method to be used to improve convergence rate.

More details on each acceleration methods can be found in the dedicated module gemseo.algos.sequence_transformer.acceleration_methods.

AITKEN = 'Aitken'

The Aitken method.

ALTERNATE_2_DELTA = 'Alternate2Delta'

The alternate 2-ẟ method.

ALTERNATE_DELTA_SQUARED = 'AlternateDeltaSquared'

The alternate ẟ² method.

MINIMUM_POLYNOMIAL = 'MinimumPolynomial'

The minimum polynomial method.

NONE = 'NoTransformation'

No acceleration method.

SECANT = 'Secant'

The secant method.