All At Once

algorithm integrator

A user class of the formulation engine that integrates mathematical algorithms such as an optimization algorithm, DOE method or surrogate model


A python tool to create virtual environment and easily install precompiled packages,


Artificial Neural Network


Agence Nationale de la Recherche


Application Program Interface


Asymmetric Subspace Optimization


Analytical Target Cascading


A type of MDO formulation which formulates multiple optimization problems


Bi-Level Integrated System Synthesis,


Bi-Level Integrated System Synthesis, BLISS variant from 2000 paper, using surrogate models


Bi-Level Integrated System Synthesis, original BLISS variant from 1998 paper using coupled derivatives


Computational Fluid Dynamics


A process that executes a set of disciplines in a sequential way, where outputs of the previously executed disciplines are passed as inputs of the next ones


Collaborative Optimization

complex step

A numerical method to approximate the derivative of a function, similarly to finite differences, but using complex perturbations


A function of the design variables that must be kept either null or negative in an optimization problem


All the functions of the design variables that must be kept either null or negative in an optimization problem


Commercial Off The Shelf

coupling variables

In an MDO scenario, variables that are both used as inputs of a discipline and outputs of another one, or the same discipline


Computational Structure Mechanics


Concurrent Subspaces Optimization

data flow

The sequence of data creation by, and exchanges between disciplines in a process


Characteristic of a workflow engine, for which processes are described through the data flow, and in which the work flow is deduced accordingly

design document

A document that describes the design of a program, responding to a Software Requirements Specification

Design Of Experiments

A sampling of a design space, or a generic method that produces samplings of design spaces

design problem

An engineering problem such that a shape has to be changed to match or improve criteria under constraints

design space

The mathematical set containing the design variables of an optimization problem

design variables

The unknowns of the optimization problem


Derivative-Free Optimization

disciplinary design variables

In an MDO scenario, a subset of the design variables that are inputs of only one discipline

disciplinary expert

A user class of the MDO platform that wraps disciplinary capabilities into disciplines and creates, tests or maintains disciplinary processes

disciplinary optimization

The most basic MDO formulation restricted to a single set of design variables and only suited for a weakly coupled problem


One program, or an arbitrary set of simulation software, that can be viewed as a mathematical multivalued function, taking inputs and producing outputs through its execution


Design Of Experiments

DOE algorithm

An algorithm that generates samples of the design space


A optimization algorithm or DOE


Evolutionary Algorithm


eclipse Workflow Management System

finite differences

A numerical method to approximate the derivative of a function by small perturbations of the inputs


A family of numerical resolution methods based on an iterative sequence of execution of the type : A() -> B() -> C() -> … -> A() -> B() -> C() until convergence


Future Projects Office


Generic Engine for Multi-disciplinary Scenarios, Exploration and Optimization

generic process

A process that can be applied to any discipline or set of disciplines, such as Multi Disciplinary Analyses methods that solves the coupling variables of a set of disciplines


Total derivative of a function with respect to its variables

gradient-based optimization

A class of optimization algorithms that use the total derivatives of the objective function and constraints


A set of rules to be respected by a data set. Typically used to describe the inputs and outputs of a discipline


Hierarchical Data Format to save and structure files with huge data


The matrix of second order partial derivatives of one output with respect to inputs


High Performance Computing


Hypertext Markup Language


Individual Discipline Feasible


A set of functions and data from a software exposed to other software


Institut de Recherche Technologique Saint Exupéry


The matrix of first order partial derivatives of outputs with respect to inputs

job scheduler

A program used to distribute tasks and allocate resources for tasks on HPC clusters


JavaScript Object Notation

JSON schema

A JSON description of JSON data, similar to XML schemas


Karun Kuhn Tucker


Latin Hypercube Sampling

library wrapper

A code that translates the existing API of a program, or a library, into a compatible one

local design variables

In an MDO scenario, a subset of the design variables that are inputs of only one discipline


Leave One Out


Linear Programming


COTS jobs scheduler for HPC clusters


Multi-Disciplinary Analysis


Multi-Disciplinary Feasible


Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization

MDO architecture

the software architecture that enables the programming and resolution of MDO design problems

MDO formulation

The mathematical strategy used to define the optimization problem(s) to be solved

MDO formulations designer

A user class of GEMSEO that creates, implements, tests or maintains MDO formulations

MDO formulations engine

A program that enables the implementation of MDO formulations

MDO integrator

A user class that uses disciplines and MDO formulations to create, test and maintain MDO scenarios

MDO platform

A set of programs integrated in a common framework, enabling the resolution of multidisciplinary engineering problems using numerical simulation and optimization

MDO user

A user class of the MDO platform that executes an MDO scenario to produce results


MDO of Independent Subspaces


Method of Moving Asymptotes

Model Center

COTS workflow engine developed by Phoenix Integration

modular architecture

A software architecture based on separated components, with a relative independence between them


A type of MDO formulation which formulates a single optimization problem

Newton method

A root finding method that uses successive linear approximations of the function of interest


Non-Linear Optimization package, an open source library of optimization algorithms from MIT,

Object Oriented Programming

A programming paradigm based on objects, which are data structures as well as a structure for methods

objective function

The function to be minimized or maximized in an optimization problem


Open Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments: a program developed by Airbus to standardize interfaces of optimization algorithms, DOE methods and surrogate models as well as the related problems to be solved

operating condition

An input parameter of a simulation program that defines a physical parameter in which the system operates. Typically the speed of a vehicle, or its altitude

optimization algorithm

An algorithm capable of solving optimization problems

optimization history

The database of values of the objective function, constraints and design variables obtained during an optimization

optimization problem

A mathematical problem consisting in finding a set of variables which minimizes or maximizes a mathematical function (possibly a set-valued map), while satisfying constraints on these variables or on artrary functions


Solution of an optimization problem: the design variables values at the minimum of the function, subject to the constraints


Process Integration and Design Optimization


The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages.


A series of executions and data exchanges, ie the workflow and the data flow.

processes data

The disciplines inputs and generated outputs during the execution of a process


Radial Basis Function

root finding

A family of numerical resolution methods that solves multivariate problems of the type R(x)=0

run time

In computer science, run time, runtime or execution time is the time during which a program is running (executing), in contrast to other program life cycle phases such as compile time, link time and load time


Simultaneous Analysis and Design


Surrogate Based Optimization


The translation of a design problem into an executable. When executed, a scenario generates a process


An open-source alternative to Matlab


Open Source Library of Scientific Tools, containing a library of optimization algorithms,

Secure Shell

(SSH) an encrypted network protocol for accessing remote computers

sequence diagram

A UML diagram that shows objects execution sequence, such as the function calls and their arguments, and the execution order


Process of writing objects or data structures to disk or more generally, to formats that can be stored

shared design variables

The design variables that are shared by more than one discipline

simulation software

A program that simulates a part of the physics of a system, or contributes to the overall simulation of the system, such as a mesher


Simulation Life Cycle Management


Sequential Least Squares Quadratic Programming


Self Organizing Map


Software Requirements Specification


SuperSonic Business Jet

surrogate model

A mathematical model of another model. Typically used to substitute an expensive simulation-based model by an approximation whose cost of evaluation is lower, at the price of an initial sampling of the original model


Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator

system design variables

The design variables that are shared by more than one discipline, at the system level optimization problem in a bi level MDO scenario


A study that aims at comparing different options in terms of design parameters, and analyse their impacts


Unified Modeling Language

weakly coupled problem

A multidisciplinary problem where the coupling variables can be computed by a single execution chain

work flow

The execution sequence of the disciplines in a process

workflow engine

A program used to design, run and analyze processes


Characteristic of a workflow engine, for which processes are described through the work flow, and in which the data flow is deduced accordingly


Workflow Management System


Here discipline wrappers. Standardized interface defining inputs, outputs and execution of a given simulation software.


eXtended Design Structure Matrix


Extensible Markup Language