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radviz module

Draw a radar visualization from a Dataset.

The Radar class implements the Radviz plot, which is a way to visualize \(n\) samples of a multi-dimensional vector


in a 2D referential and to highlight the separability of the data.

For that, each sample


is rendered inside the unit disc with the influences of the different parameters evenly distributed on its circumference. Each parameter influence varies from 0 to 1 and can be interpreted compared to the others.

A variable name is required by the DatasetPlot.execute() method by means of the classifier keyword in order to color the curves according to the value of the variable name. This is useful when the data is labeled or when we are looking for the samples for which the classifier value is comprised in some interval specified by the lower and upper arguments (default values are set to -inf and inf respectively). In the latter case, the color scale is composed of only two values: one for the samples positively classified and one for the others.

class, classifier)[source]

Bases: DatasetPlot

Radar visualization.

  • dataset (Dataset) – The dataset containing the data to plot.

  • classifier (str) – The name of the variable to group the data.


ValueError – If the dataset is empty.

Examples using Radar

Iris dataset

Iris dataset