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lib_mma module

MMA optimizer library.

class gemseo_mma.opt.lib_mma.MMASvanberg[source]

Bases: OptimizationLibrary

Svanberg Method of Moving Asymptotes optimization library.


The missing current values of the DesignSpace attached to the OptimizationProblem are automatically initialized with the method DesignSpace.initialize_missing_current_values().


get_optimum_from_database(message=None, status=None)[source]

Get optimum from database using last point of database.

Retrieves the optimum from the database and builds an optimization result object from it.

  • message (str | None) – The solver message.

  • status (int | None) – The solver status.


The OptimizationResult object.

Return type:


algo_name: str | None

The name of the algorithm used currently.

descriptions: dict[str, OptimizationAlgorithmDescription]

The optimization algorithm description.

internal_algo_name: str | None

The internal name of the algorithm used currently.

It typically corresponds to the name of the algorithm in the wrapped library if any.

option_grammar: JSONGrammar | None

The grammar defining the options of the current algorithm.

problem: OptimizationProblem

The optimization problem the driver library is bonded to.